Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seize the Day calendars have arrived!

Just wanted to share...I'm so excited that my Seize the Day wall calendar is now out in Barnes and Noble stores! Also coming out for the 2011 calendar year will be the Seize the Day theme with different images and inspirations in a mini calendar format and a daily calendar.

I am so fortunate to work with the people at Sellers Publishing on this project. It has been a wonderful experience with encouraging and professional people who are so good at what they do. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to share my art and thoughts through this medium. This is the type of work that fills me up with happiness and I hope it brings that to others.

Already busy on the next year's calendar...keep an eye out and seize the day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Licensing International Expo 2010

Just returned this past week from the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. My agent Julie Newman, shown here and with Tiffany Cullinan, had a fantastic booth that I just loved! It was a fresh and inviting space and a beautiful structure that was lovely to have meetings in. After numerous years of exhibiting on my own, I really appreciate all the work, thought, time and preparation that goes into getting ready and doing a show.

I had some good meetings with companies I currently work with as well as met some new ones with great potential. An unexpected brainstorming session was the highlight of one of the never know when and where the creative idea grows wings and takes flight. Some of the best parts of exhibiting are the chances to meet other artists and designers and this trip offered a number of new contacts. My agent now also represents Jessie Steele, the brand of wonderfully chic hostess aprons, and it was lovely to spend some time with one of the founders, Claire Steele. And how fitting that Monday night, as I watched "The Bachelorette" on tv, there was one of the Jessie Steele aprons in the barbeque date scene! Another artist I was thrilled to meet at the show was the tremendously talented Kathy Davis. I admire her work and ability to reach so many people with her beautiful designs.

So home again. My head is full of thoughts, notes, ideas. Much to do and it's time to get back to work!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Norma's Quilt

Thank you so much Norma Carter for sharing this image with me. Norma's quilt top is pieced with fabrics from Deco Park and I am so excited to see it! I love the way the large panels show off the fabrics. It is an incredible thrill to see things that people have made with your designs and so touching when they share it with me.
Thank you Norma!