Monday, December 19, 2011

Zulily Today- Cookin in Veggie Color!

Today my colorful veggie recipe keepers and placemats are for sale on Zulily! Check them out! If you are like me, I print out a lot of recipes from online sites and Orange Circle has come up with a great format to keeping track of all these recipe printouts. It is a vertical format with pages you can put your printouts in and wonderful divider tabs with cooking information like a cooking glossary, substitutions, common recipes, etc. The binder holds up to 70 pages and stands upright on your counter so it's easy to see while you are preparing your meal.

The placemats come in a tear-off pad with 50 sheets of paper placemats. Be inspired to get in your veggies everyday in a colorful and fun way!

On Zulily, go to the Orange Circle Studios Sale and enjoy!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seize the Day Calendars 2012

Getting ready for the new year?
Perfect time to seize the day in a colorful way... with new 2012 Seize the Day calendars from Sellers Publishing. I am honored to continue the line and am excited for a new year of inspiration and fun!

There is a wall, mini and daily calendar with inspiration and illustration to brighten your day. For 2012 Sellers added two more formats to the line- a planner calendar with a monthly grid that allows you to keep track of individual family member's activities (or you could break it up into different tasks, like a line for exercise, a line for appointments, a line for scheduling in your goals). The other new format is a three year, checkbook sized calendar, perfect to fit in your purse or tote.

Barnes and Noble carries the Seize the Day line in stores and you can order online
Barnes and Noble