Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big Bear Camping

Summer vacation. Camping. Kids singing, running, riding bikes and making s'mores. We went camping with a mixture of friends, some of whom we know well, others we met for the first time as friends of friends. Late discussions around the fire. Seeing night sky so dark and deep that the stars come alive in symphony. Birds squawking and tweating and mocking. Squirrels who scope out the scene then zig zag up to steal food. Sunshine making lace patterns on the ground. The pace of life just slows down.

One of the families brought up art supplies and the kids drew and painted in their "ladybug club." They hung their masterpieces along clothesline strung through the trees. They had an Open House to show us the art one night when it was dark, the pictures illuminated by lanterns and flashlights. It was magical and beautiful.

How nice to be a couple hours drive to the mountains. A lovely break. I must admit it feels good to now be back home, clean and showered, well rested in my own bed. Laundry buzzing, clothes to put away, activities to get back to...

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Danette said...

Ooooooo this is wonderful. I want to be there right now. With coffee and watercolor and birds and trees and a fresh breeze and the kids too.
Lovely pics.