Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Seasons of Decoration

I spend so much time cleaning up and trying to clear things out...the big declutter.  Then October hits and it is all out the window. We have entered the Seasons of Decoration. The kids could hardly wait for October and now that it is upon us the house is full of stuff. 

Fall is the time of decoration. First Halloween with spooky delights. Then Thanksgiving harvest and then of course the Grand daddy of holidays- Christmas. For Halloween we do simple decorations but the house still feels different to me. It can be as simple as the focus on color palette- adding black, playing with orange, rearranging and combining. And of course sometimes it's the treasures hidden away for 12 months, waiting to come out and play. I have to admit I really love some of my specially selected holiday decorations. They have personality. Pedro my Day of the Dead skeleton keeps me company while I cook. I'm tempted to keep him out all year.

Simple. Warm colors. Fall harvest, October oranges...enjoy...

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