Friday, March 5, 2010


I wanted to share some pictures from the Certified International showroom at the Atlanta Gift Show. This was such a highlight of the trip for me, walking into the showroom and seeing my new collections with them on an endcap and center display table. It was a moment when I felt my heart racing with excitement as I saw the dishes for the first time myself.

I've always wanted to design for dishware. I love setting a beautiful table with personality and color. I like all things 'kitchen'- especially a good meal! My sister and I used to regularly check the sale area at Hudson's for our favorite dishes on clearance. Then we would piece together place settings from the bargains we would find. I think it feels festive and fun to have different moods to my plates for entertaining and eating. I've had to purge out many dishware collections through the years due to lack of storage. But now I think it's time to splurge and have fun with them again!!

The new collections I have with Certified are Modern Garden and Vino/Appetizers. Can't wait to get my own sets and toast to life, color, flowers and friends!


Unknown said...

Hi Robin,
I stumbled upon your dishes designs at Certified, followed the links, looked at your website. I am now a
fan! I'm also excited to find a fellow LA artist licensing their art. What attracted me to your dishes was your modern design. As a newcomer to the licensing scene, wondering where modern style artwork fits in to what is being made, your wonderful artwork answered my questions!

After reading your "about" section I wonder how do you do it all!

Great day (even for the rain) for me to learn about you and your art!


BJ Lantz said...

Gorgeous stuff, Robin!

Robin said...

BJ- thanks so much!

Teresa- Where in LA are you? Thanks for your kind words! My work is too modern for some companies but others have a good range. I just keep designing what feels right to me and trust it will find the right home. The people at Certified have been lovely to work with.

Anonymous said...

Such fun designs!!

sue z said...

Hi Robin,

Congratulations! They painted up beautifully. I love the bright colors. I have been designing for dinnerware for so many years and
I know it is not easy to get designs to market. This is so exciting!! I hope they fly of the shelves!!

Mom said...

I just purchased 2 of your plates and 2 bowls at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OH. Where can I find more of the “180” series? I love it!

Siemens said...

I'm with "Mom" above. I have five bowls from the 180 series and would love three more plus some plates. Really Googling my heart out and not finding anything.