Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Wishes

Lovely this Christmas morning to have sunlight streaming in the windows. After days of rain and grey dampness, finally the blue sky and rays of light were just in time for celebration. Even after having spent 16 years in Southern California, I still find it hard to really believe it is Christmas without the snow and cold that I grew up with in the midwest. My daughter has made replacement snow to decorate the house with hanging cut paper flakes, all unique and different. I think they are my favorite decoration this year.

Don't you have some favorite ornaments or decorations that you get out just for this special time... something from your past or childhood that puts a smile on your face? Every year my sister and I put milk and cookies out for Santa, using the little Santa boot mugs. Now my children use the same Santa boot to leave the milk or eggnog out. Amazing how a little red ceramic cup holds so much memory and is so cherished.
Enjoy this time and having traditions... tiny little memories can stay in your heart for a lifetime.


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