Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fantastic Friends

My friend Lorri emailed me today. She had read today's calendar quote (today's was by me) which was about how life is richer with a fabulous mixture of friends. Thank you Lorri...a giant hug to you! I just don't know if I really take enough time to thank my friends for their important place in my life and for how they enrich everything I do.

I am really fortunate... and I mean REALLY fortunate... to enjoy the companionship of such smart, funny, witty, together women. I have mom friends that I met through my children and their schools. We do carpool together, cover for each other with watching kids when meetings and such arise, research the next school, share notes on the latest article on education, etc. We met through classes, being room moms, scouts, karate, dance, soccer and all those other miscellaneous sports and activities. Then there are the women from my Master Mind class, the kindred spirits who support and encourage self discovery and business and entrepreneurial growth. There is my dear neighbor friend who will be over in a second if I need her. And my old college roommate friend, who years later, with both of us settled in LA with families and houses, still connect like we did when we were 20. Time has changed us, but we have found our paths continue to wind and twist in a similar dance. She is a fabulous sounding board, a calm voice on a rocky day, a kindred spirit. Another friend I met while working in Chicago (where I happened to meet numerous long-time friends), also out here on the west coast now, is like family. We proudly call her "aunt" to our children. And my licensing art buddy, while she lives up in northern California, feels like she is in the cubicle next to me, as we work away with the speaker phone live, chatting about the new designs we are working on and sharing an unexpected inspirational discovery.

To my dear friends, all of you, I can not thank you enough for the beauty and unique perspectives you bring to my life. Giving, caring, compassionate. You make my life full and colorful and hopeful and vibrant. I hope I am able to give back a fraction to you of the support and friendship you have given me. I am blessed and rich beyond measure from all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


corine said...

Am in this? Anyway, we (I) love you right back Robin :)


Robin said...

Yes Corine, my Master Mind AND school mom friend... you cross over into multiple categories :-) and how lucky I am for that!
How many years now have we met as our Master Mind group? I am starting to loose track but that's years of good stuff.

Joy Hall said...

Beautiful thoughts, Robin! Gave me a warm feeling inside.