Saturday, June 8, 2013

Season of congratulations


To our kids for making it through another school year...for making it through another level and now onto the next big challenge. For achieving so much, growing so much and amazing us with what creative and incredible people you have become. We are so proud of you - thank you!!

To the teachers who are just as gleeful to reach summer as the kids. Thank you for the times you spent the extra time, gave more encouragement, saw the spark and what is unique and great in our kids. Thanks to the teachers who see the individuality and effort and promise.

To the scout leaders, dance teachers, music teachers, tutors, band teachers, coaches and mentors who have added dimension, character, learning and community to our lives. You have enriched our kids with your special talents.

To the other moms and dads who chauffeured, hosted, taught, were there when we needed, understood what we were going through and were just good, supportive friends. We certainly don't do this alone. Thank you for understanding my sentimental, emotional heart.

Bittersweet and lovely... beginnings and roads ahead...

enjoy summer

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