Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marshall Fields on State

I have a unique way of traveling and sightseeing. It includes visiting stores and turning over countless products to see who manufactures it and who designed it. I know I am not alone and other licensing artists do the same thing. We are like a secret cult of the product-checkers. Beautiful displays, store windows, colorful environments... it is all inspiring on my trips. Ah, new cities, new research!

In Chicago, one of my most favorite places to go for "shopping research" is the Marshall Fields building on State Street. I know, it is now Macy's, but that particular building will always be Marshall Fields to me with the signature clocks on the corners and spectacular architectural environment inside. I used to shop there quite a bit since I worked two blocks away at WLS TV, the abc station. The glass and mosaic ceilings are spectacular and shopping there feels more special and unique. You can still get Frango mints (okay, I love the giant flowers in the display cases...chocolate and flowers...who needs anything else?) and eat at the Walnut Room. On vacation, we met my friend Susan for lunch on the seventh floor and looked out at the busy, bustling streets below. This will always be one of my favorite shopping places.

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