Friday, July 23, 2010

Modern Garden grows at Ralphs

My friend Corine sent me a text with a picture of my dishes at the Ralph's grocery in Calabasas CA! Of course I had to go see for myself- what a great display they did! Thanks Ralphs! This is one of those moments of happiness, knowing I am doing work that makes me so happy AND I get to share it with others... even better.


Amy Biggers said...

Congratulations Robin, these are beautiful!

Terri Conrad said...

Hi Robin, this is the bright sunshine(y) dinnerware set I saw at my Ralphs, with your name on it!

I just noticed too, we are both in L.A. we must get together for lunch. What city are you in?


Denise Clason Studios said...

Love your new dinnerware, Robin! So pretty and fresh!

Unknown said...

Hi Robin! I LOVE your dishes!!! I bought (almost) the whole set at Ralphs...they only had 2 wine glasses left! What I would love and was wondering is, is there is a spoon rest? And can I buy more on your website? I Have to get more wine glasses!! It really is beautiful. Cheers up my kitchen!!
Thank you,

Robin said...

Mary, there is no spoon rest, although that is a great item to suggest for next time to the manufacturer. I don't sell the dishes directly through my site, but I know 100 Cookwares carries it. Their site is: and then browse by Certified International, Modern Garden.
Thanks for your kind words!