Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New York Moody Rain

Ah, New York. What a fascinating city. The three days I was there for Surtex, (and I'll write more about that after doing some needed follow-up) it was damp, cloudy, rainy and grey. Fog and clouds covering the tops of buildings, everything dark and shiny with the wet reflections of the moody sky. It didn't matter so much as I was indoors all day in the Javits Convention Center, but it did remind me of living in Chicago  and the midwest with damp spring weeks and thunderstorms. I felt cold and wet a lot.

The view from our hotel was the spectacular view I usually have when in New York. Other windows. It is interesting to see the buildings come to life, workers arrive, lights and computer screens glowing... makes me wonder what life would have been like if I had moved here after college. I considered Boston, New York and Chicago and at that time, Chicago won. I love my life and where it has taken me but it is still interesting to be reminded of the other possibilities of where I might have gone.

Monday night Phyllis and I took the subway to SoHo and Little Italy. It was quite empty, probably because of the weather. I had a great dish of pasta (Paglia-something-something-Mamma) and fantastic time walking the neighborhood streets.

New York, you are beautiful in your dark, mysterious, moody ways. But I was ready to leave you and the damp rain. So back to LA I flew last night. Hopeful to be back in warmth and sun. As I walked up to my car in the long-term parking I could see I left the car window down (yikes! I am lucky I still have a car!!) and while I was gone, it had rained. Inside seat and carpet wet and soaked. So I guess I'll be living with my damp, rainy grey New York state of mind awhile longer.


corine said...

Glad to have you back in damp L.A.

Nothing quite like having your bottom stuck to a soggy car seat while traveling at 2 miles per hour on the 101!

Phyllis Dobbs said...

Beautiful pictures!! They show the rainy conditions perfectly! And that dinner in Little Italy was delicious - mine was great, but yours was ..... magnifico! If I could go back tomorrow, I would get yours!