Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspirations - ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair

A couple things from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair that I loved...
in the Deutch Design area, the concept microbus Volkswagen Bulli. The front and rear seats are benches (when was the last time I saw a new vehicle with a bench front seat?) and there is an integrated ipad holder near the steering wheel so you can control the vehicle's entertainment system.  Sigh...just one more sign the Universe is giving me that I must have that ipad! But what blows me away is the Bulli is an electric microbus that is expected to go a 186 mile range!  Oh, and I love the white/red two tone body.
Where is the waiting list to sign up?

 And of course, lovely eye candy at the Johathan Adler booth. This is the visual aesthetic I was raised on so I love the retro inspired hip designs and his pops of wow color! I especially love the lamps and bright blue laquered desk.

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Unknown said...

I like the retro inspired hip design too and while looking from Jonathan Adler booth I noticed the modern contemporary furniture with a deep buttoning. I also used to visit an International Contemporary Furniture Fair to spot some furniture for a contemporary home. I’m actually looking for a good quality of a contemporary design sofa bed for my friend’s house.