Friday, June 24, 2011

Look Down

When I'm not busy looking up at the amazing art ceilings at the Bellagio, I'm looking down at the pretty floors. I know most people go to Vegas for gambling and good times but my good times involve looking at  little pieces of tile and stone made into swirls, bugs, flowers, patterns and all kinds of lovely decoration. I must not be the only one as other people stop to ohhh and ahhhh at the grand rooms too. But I must be some kind of oddball that I'd rather take pictures of the floor vs us standing in front of the dancing fountains. I even wanted to take pictures in the hotel spa because I loved the furniture and decorating and wanted to remember the ideas for when we redo our bathroom. There was an elegant and calming shimmer of the iridescent tiles there. However, I didn't think the other spa patrons would appreciate me lurking with my iphone to take a picture. I do know when to respect privacy. So I'll stick to floors and my memory.

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