Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mid-Year Resolution

Today health is on my mind.

Recently we've had bad news. Over the last couple of weeks, a variety of tragic things and news to ones we love deeply. It's the stuff that makes you stop and re-evaluate how you are living and what is important to you. I understand I am fortunate to be looking through the window and not the one receiving the news. What a crime it would be if I did not do something to respect and appreciate my life and health more in the knowledge of what can happen, what can change...

So a new day comes and the resolve to get healthier, lose the weight, exercise more.
To live with balance. To appreciate the moment more. To tell your friends and family just how much they mean to you. The sky seems bluer to me. The birds chirp more sweetly. I feel like my senses are more alive and wanting to soak up every beautiful sensation, every still and silent breath-taking moment.

Health... health in mind, body and spirit. I am on a mission to improve mine. Are you with me?


Vickie said...

I'm with you...enjoying the moments we have, taking care of our health, and letting go of things that don't matter. These things have been on my mind also. Thanks for the reminder.

Phyllis Dobbs said...

Great post and a wonderful attitude. I hope and plan to adobt the same attitude and spirit. Life is short.