Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Pears bag and wallet

Just in time for summer, wonderful Crazylady (a.k.a. my mother Ruth, and the nickname is one of love and fun, not a statement of her mental condition- which happens to be great!) sewed up these projects with my modern pear fabrics! Thank you Mom! I love that on the shoulder bag she made the pear the pocket design and used it for the lining as well. I think this is the perfect size to carry my money and phone when we go to the farmer's market. Both of these look light and summery and are great when I don't want to be lugging around heavy bags and wallets- generally lightening up for warm weather.

Both of these projects are from the book Free-Style Handmade.
The wallet is their Zigzag Pocket Wallet and the purse is loosely based on the Pocket-Sized Shoulder Bag. The book has lots of cute bags, skirts and projects that are easy to understand and modify to your specifics.
Have fun!


Terri Conrad said...

adorable, bright & happy pears - going to have to go in search of this book

Robin said...

Thanks Terri!
I got this book at Joann's but you can order it from Amazon (link on book name). It is easy to alter the patterns and they give good basics of sewing too. Not too advanced, which is nice!

Phyllis Dobbs said...

Oh I love the projects your mother made for you with your wonderful fabrics (does she hire out!)