Tuesday, October 11, 2011

brand new obsession

I haven't posted lately. The kids went back to school and I dived into being lead room mom, meetings for girl scouts, meet the teacher nights at two different schools, music lessons for kids, and my newest obsession... healthy eating! It is a big culinary shift at our household to VEGANISM. My daughter has been a vegetarian for almost two years and after seeing the CNN show "the Last Heart Attack" about vegan diets and heart disease and President Clinton, I was convinced to give it a try. It started out as a 30 day experiment and the 30 days are up today. The result...I am won over, I am on board, and I am ready for the next 30 days and so on!

This new passion requires some time and scheduling. It takes planning and time to prepare healthy meals, not so processed, closer to the source. More trips to the grocery store. New information. More reading. Arming myself with a new "toolbox" of foods. All our old patterns and foods are basically out the window. But I feel great and am immensely happy with the change.

Now I am debating how I marry my love of design and my love of good healthy food. When I design for the kitchen with colorful veggies and juicy fruits I feel inspired and energetic. It speaks to my passions and makes me want to stay the course. I LOVE nicely designed things in my kitchen, from an eclectic cup from Anthropology to vintage mixing bowls to new, modern colorful knives and high tech coffee makers. The kitchen is about senses... visual, colors, textures, smells, tastes, sounds... It is about coming together in celebration, in community, with nourishment and health, comfort, joy, family...

Design + health + food + senses + enjoyment. I feel a new group of designs and creative inspiration is around the corner, marinating and percolating, cooking up in my mind... a great big emotional yum!

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corine said...

We've gone organic but no one at home is capable of becoming vegan. Last year I had this great service deliver local organic produce to our home twice a week.It's called "Farm Fresh to you" It might save you a couple of trips to the market. When the box came it was this incredible cornucopia of goodness, you would love it.