Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Red Tulip is UP!

So excited that Julie's on-demand site is up and running! Little Red Tulip, www.littleredtulip.com

I have two lines up that I love- Suki, a modern take on asian patterns, and Mixed Modern Fruits from my Seedlings collection for kitchen stationery items. I also have double-sided coasters in my "Nature's Inspirations" images I use for my "Seize the Day" calendars with Sellers Publishing.

Suki comes in your choice of three colorways- fresh bright red/orange/chartreuse, warm brown/orange, or lively purple/chartreuse combinations. For office products and desk sets I've designed a couple different tear-off pads, perfect for keeping track of the whole family's commitments for the week or with weekly grid and a notes and to-do section. If you are like me, you make lots of notes and lists during the week and I need a central place to keep my rambling thoughts... Suki currently has 3-ring binders, journals (with interior pages that can be personalized as well), notebooks, clipboards and coasters. Stationery to come...

Mixed Fruits are designed for bright and lively kitchens with binders (I use my binders for keeping recipes and printouts), recipe cards, canvas wall art, coasters, and notebooks. There are other binders for modern kitchen girls like me- a more contemporary take on our favorite- the roosters, as well as modern veggies and kitchen gadgets.

Please check out www.littleredtulip.com for personalized products. More will be added daily!

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Phyllis Dobbs said...

I love your fabulous designs for Little Red Tulip!