Monday, October 1, 2012

Love in the grocery store

I was cruising down the magazine aisle in the grocery store and my eyes immediately caught sight of the it. The masthead I remembered so well.


Oh, my old friend! Could it be you have been brought back to life? I loved domino magazine with it's fresh perspective and decorating that doesn't take itself too seriously. Creative, open, colorful spaces. It was a sad day when I got notice as a subscriber that the magazine was going to stop publishing. Instead they were replacing my subscription with House and Garden, which also went bye-bye. I was equally as sad when Metropolitan Home ceased to exist.

So this new domino is a Fall/Winter special publication with heavy weight pages and only two or so ads by Target. I figured it would be a lot of recycled images from the earlier magazine and maybe it is, but it's been awhile so they all look fresh and new to me!

I know we have everything at our fingertips with the internet so people feel they don't need to buy magazines anymore. Save a tree and use less paper. But I have to say I felt like I was reaquainted with an old lover and my heart skipped a beat as I lovingly flipped the glossy pages back at home. I hope others buy this on the newstand because I for one want to see another issue out in the spring and continue my newly rekindled affair...

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